Our technique

We have developed a technique based on organogenesis. Refined and improved during the first years, this technique has been adjusted in order to ensure true-to-type plants and good productivity.

With this technique we have propagated some varieties from their offshoots, using portions of the terminal apex such as explants.  After some months, the first shoots appear, from which we obtain the proliferation explants stock, after that, we start the plants development.

From the varieties cultured, we have selected “Medjool” to go to the production process because it adapted astonishingly well to, and thrived under the local eco-climatic conditions of Elche. It was also chosen for its international interest.

Furthermore, have we adjusted the technique to achieve the multiplication of adult Date Palms from the Palm Grove of Elche, using their terminal apex as explant.

Samples of superior quality have been chosen to create new varieties called “Confitera”, “Lucerga” and “León”.

Moreover, we have developed a new propagated procedure using the terminal apex of Date Palm plants between 4 or 6 leaves that we use to renew proliferation series, when there are not enough offshoots to regenerate them.

During the course of these years, we have experimented with inflorescences as explants trying both organogenesis and embryogenesis techniques. In doing so, we have successfully multiplied some of the genotypes.

Developing and rooting phases were improved to reach high parameters and were carried out without major problems.

The acclimatization of the plants was achieved in eight weeks with more than 90% survival rate.